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Wildstar Online Peterbus

Wildstar Online – Missing Peterbus

09.11.2013 Oli 0 Comments

Wildstar Online has been announced for quite a while, but with it’s release drawing ever closer our very own Peterbus has made it his mission to be part of the first expeditions to the Wildstar. We couldn’t have imagined the consequences of this descision.

Since Betatests have very strict rules as to who is selected to partake, Peterbus made up his mind and thought to himself, that these types of selectionsprocesses didn’t take into account what type of person actually applies. As we’ve all learned and seen in school simple grades and statistics do not make for a good character or person. Thus he embarked on creating his very own Wildstar Online Beta Application Video, to show the guys at Carbine, what an awesome fit he would be to join the Team of dedicated Testers.

After this video everything went dark. Peterbus disappeared on us, leaving only a few prerecorded videos for us to upload. Until today we had no clue what had happened to him and we grew increasingly worried. Being an investigative spirit we didn’t put too much thought into it, since he wanders off exploring the world often for days on end. This was untill we recieved this video which prompted us to call out for help.

Wildstar Online Peterbus

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